Waterhole mystery

Giant karst spring in Palfau

Waterhole mystery

It is mysterious, slightly unpredictable and a really great experience: The giant karst spring of the Palfauer Wasserloch.

This majestic spring cave creates a vault over a deep siphon lake which empties into the depths of the gorge at a speed of up to 5 cubic meters per second at irregular intervals and depending on the season and the weather. The water volume increases by up to a quarter within 15 minutes – a mystery which the Bat Diver team led by Klosterneuburg cave diver Robert Kriz has been trying to solve during its numerous adventurous diving sessions. You can find the results and documentation of these diving sessions at www.bat-diver.at.

What waits beyond the 76 meters that have already been explored remains a mystery to date. The team have not been able to go any further up to now.

Large numbers of people have made their way to the top in the early morning and have waited patiently for hours, just to witness this amazing spectacle. The Palfauer Wasserloch has no predictable schedule. It is up to Mother Nature to decide when the floodgates open. Being right there at the top to enjoy this special moment is truly exhilarating.

Längsschnitt der Riesenkarstquelle